We Understand the Entire Spectrum of Healthcare.

Medical Marketing and Public Relations is a unique field that requires advanced knowledge of medical specialties, procedures, conditions, insurance markets/reimbursements, surgical processes and (possibly most importantly) patients trends.  As the leaders in Orthopedic, Spine and Neurosurgery practice marketing – we live in this world and have mastered it.

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Google Adwords - at the Highest Level.

We have spent many years refining and cultivating our advanced (medical-specific) methodology in an effort to put our clients directly in front of the patients that need them. Highly advanced testing, tracking and analysis is continuously performed to offer an incredibly high return on investment.

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Social Media Marketing That Generates New Patients

Social Media Marketing is not about how often you post, but about who sees your posts. We specialize in both content creation and advanced social targeting that uses over 15,000 data points to ensure the right audiences sees your content at the right time. If you are interested in evolving your social media to reach qualified patients, contact us today.

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Marketing, Tailored for Healthcare.

We employ a creative and sustainable mix of Direct to Patient Marketing, Public Relations, Branding, Digital Marketing, Media Exposure, and many other tactics in order to increase visibility and patient volume.

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