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At Gold Medical Marketing, we are the leaders in Direct to Patient Marketing for Orthopedic, Spine and Neurosurgery practices. We utilize advanced demographic and psychographic research to create modern and effective marketing campaigns.  Call us today and learn how our team can help meet and exceed your goals.

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We Target Quality Patients Online.

We target patients by building and managing highly optimized campaigns through search networks and social media (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)  We represent orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery practices across the country and know that each practice is unique and must have an individualized strategy that is tailored to their patient demographics. Over many years, we have developed the most advanced strategies that always focus on patient targeting by demographics, behaviors and habits that are representative of patients in need of orthopedic, spine or neurosurgical services.

We Develop Shareable Content.

We specialize in producing original content that is unique, informative and shareable for your practice. In a crowded digital world, this is crucial. The content we develop comes in many forms based on the particular practice needs and includes full creative advertising, professional level video production and editing as well as article and blog development. This content is focused solely on your practice’s specialty and is used to create a multi-channel marketing campaign that positions your practice as the authority in your field.

We Increase Your Practice's Visibility.

It is critical that patients come across your practice when looking for a specialist. By analyzing both patient behaviors and the business of healthcare, we are able to understand how and where patients are searching for specialists. We develop, manage and continuously optimize your practice’s visibility through efforts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advanced Web Development and User Experience which are specially tailored for orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery practices. We are also one of the few agencies in the country specializing in healthcare Public Relations.

We Test, Measure, & Track Everything.

Our clients have been enlightened and encouraged by the data we have presented to them. Tracking, testing and measuring your campaigns is vital to the success of each initiative. Our unique ability to proactively interpret patient behavioral data allows us to make key decisions that continuously creates a flow of new and qualified patients.

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Unlike most marketing agencies, Gold Medical Marketing focuses solely on marketing and public relations for orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery practices. Our individualized strategies are based on an in-depth evaluation of your practice’s strengths, needs and demographics. Each practice is unique and has different needs that we take the time to understand before creating our strategies to increase patient volume and position your practice correctly inside your target market. We believe in connecting our clients with the primary demographics who seek their services and not wasting time and money with broad and ineffective marketing techniques. We accomplish this by using our proven method of Demographic Marketing and Direct to Patient exposure coupled with exposure through our Public Relations strategies. This unique mix yields a quantifiable increase of patients to your practice.
We strongly believe that communication with our clients is one of our most valuable assets. We ensure that each client is up to date on each of their medical marketing initiatives and a shared definition of success is created for each initiative. We also know that running a medical practice is not just a 9-5 job, which is why we are there for our clients day and night and won’t stop answering calls and emails just because it’s 5pm. Our clients also have the advantage of real-time access to a proprietary and customized marketing dashboard that tracks each initiative as well as highlights engagement, clicks and ROI. This dashboard also allows for practices to make sure that they are on target with marketing budgets and provides complete transparency.
Our CEO, Daniel Goldberg, continues to actively participate in educating physicians and healthcare professionals and has lectured at many of the most esteemed medical conferences across the country.  He also actively contributes to many healthcare publications with regard to medical marketing and public relations.


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