Recently, I have begun seeing a growing trend of companies popping up and claiming to be “Medical Marketing” companies.  This trend is alarming not because I fear the competition, I actually welcome it, but more because of the misrepresentation. It seems most of these companies are generic “marketing” companies who put all of their faith in a New Web Design or Advertising and are not well versed in the business of medicine. Even further, many of these companies have chosen to simply expand their dated marketing services into the medical arena because of its seemingly lucrative nature.

Just as a patient wishes to know the credentials of their physician, the same should go for whom you choose to represent you in terms of Marketing and Public Relations.  Patients want to know that their physician is at the highest echelon of specialist and knows how to treat their specific pathology using the most innovative and effective modalities.  See the parallel?

With that said, in the least pretentious way possible, I would like to give you some of my credentials. This is not to bolster my reputation but rather to help educate those of you who have considered engaging a Medical Marketing and Public Relations company to represent you.  Just as your credentials and certifications hang on the walls of your office, these are what hang on mine:

Conference Lectures and Engagements:

  • Becker’s 2012 Orthopedic and Spine Conference : Key Marketing Strategies for Pain and Spine Centers
  • Becker’s 2013 Orthopedic and Spine Conference : The Best Ideas for Marketing Patient Development
  • International Society for the Advancement of Spinal Surgery (ISASS) 2013: Generating Patients Through Direct To Patient Marketing
  • OMICS Orthopedics and Rheumatology Conference 2013: Effective Utilization of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Pain Week 2013: TBD
  • Webinar –  Marketing Your Surgeons and Ambulatory Surgery Center (with Blayne Rush of Ambulatory Alliances and Jimmy St. Louis of Advanced Healthcare Partners)

Articles and Interviews:

For obvious reasons, I have not included the hundreds of articles I have written on behalf of physicians that have been featured in publications across the country.

Again, this was not to laud any certain accomplishment or flatter myself.  Rather, it was used to show that those who are committed and respected in the field of Medical Marketing and PR are those who lecture nationally and contribute to interviews.  I urge you to ask any company you are considering to do the same.

I am also incredibly proud of the press and media exposure I have generated for my clients, all of which I am happy to share at your request.

Gold Medical Marketing firmly believes in the principles of demographic and psychographic marketing over the traditional broad marketing.  Broad and generic marketing strategies have failed time and time again while creative and adaptive marketing strategies have proven effective.  No single strategy is effective for your individual practice.  Gold Medical Marketing focuses on identifying patient source markets and effectively capturing patients with tailored marketing strategies.

G.M.M brings creative and adaptive ideas to your marketing challenges and increasing your practice’s visibility. We have done exhaustive research into what attracts patients to a practice. Based on this research and our experience we are able to provide you with the most creative ideas in building your patient volume.

If your practice is ready to increase its patient volume, contact us anytime.
Daniel Goldberg