Many times, we get calls from physician and physician practices who are either confused or unhappy with the marketing efforts they have attempted.  In other instances, they have “already tried” marketing their practice and do not believe it is effective.  In each of these cases, we hear some variation of the phrases below that let us know the practice needs serious marketing help.  Have you ever said any of the following…

1. “We have a marketing company.  I am not sure what they are doing though.”


Not knowing what your marketing personnel are doing is a telltale sign that they probably are doing nothing at all.  Effective medical marketing is predicated on open communication between the marketing company and the physician, as well as measurable tracking of new patients and ROI.  Your practice marketing team should also be consistently presenting you with new opportunities, not just doing the bare minimum.

2. “We pay a company to do ‘the Google’ for us.”


What exactly does this mean?  Google has many incarnations and includes organic SEO and paid Google Adwords campaigns.  Both of these efforts generate an extremely high ROI when executed properly.  When they are not executed properly, they are a huge financial drain and yield little results.  So, is the person doing “the Google” for you bidding on transactional search phrases, radius targeting, using negative keywords, executing both on-site and off-site SEO, tracking clicks and calls?  Probably not.

3. “Someone in the office updates ‘the Facebook’ for us every week.”

Janets Birthday - Facebook

Janet’s birthday cake does not convince me that you are the doctor who should repair my rotator cuff.  In fact, it dilutes the perception of your skills and experience.  Practices need to stop seeing social media as the place where people share baby pictures, wedding photos and “viral videos” and begin realizing that it is the most influential and effective way to reach your target patient population.  When you couple this fact with the ability to target potential patients using millions of data points, squandering that potential ability on Janet’s birthday cake seems even more ridiculous.

4. “We already do marketing.  We have ads in the local paper every week.”


Fun fact: According to Pew Research, less than 30% of people between the ages of 25-54 read a newspaper each day.  Of that less than 30%, less than 10% can recall an ad they have seen in a newspaper.  What this means is that you are spending money to advertise your practice to the retired and Medicare aged population who has the time to sit and read a newspaper each day.  Furthermore, newspaper advertising uses no demographic or psychographic information to target potential patients other than the fact that they live near your office.  If your practice is advertising in a newspaper, then your money ends up in the same place the newspaper does everyday- in the trash.

5. “We’ve already tried marketing.  It didn’t work.”


Imagine if a patient into your office for the first time and said, “I saw another orthopedic surgeon two years ago for a torn meniscus. He told me if I ate more apples it would repair itself. I tried eating more apples but it didn’t work. So now I distrust all orthopedic surgeons.”  After your initial shock wore off you would explain that eating apples is not a solution for a torn meniscus and that doctor was not the right doctor for you.  

The same is true for your practice marketing efforts.  In most cases, that the company you hired was not the right company for your practice because they were not experienced in medical marketing gave you bad advice.  Understanding the psychology of patient decision making, search habits, behavioral patterns, demographics, psychographics and having an in-depth understanding of medical conditions and procedures is what allows a company to be able to market your practice.  A computer and a catchy name does not make a company qualified to market a medical practice.

Gold Medical Marketing prides itself on our ability to generate patients for our clients using the most effective Medical Marketing and Public Relations strategies. Our experience, knowledge and understanding of patient behavior makes us the most successful Medical Marketing and Public Relations company.   Too often “marketing companies” focus on one single outlet such as SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click or Print Advertising. The drawback to this is that patients consume medical information through several means and if your practice is not targeting all available outlets, you are missing out on large segments of the market.

We specialize in Medical Marketing and Public Relations for Spine, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Multi-Specialty Practices and Health Systems. Our clients have seen their practices grow using a variety of Medical Marketing and Public Relations strategies. Unlike other companies, we work exclusively in the orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery practices and do not make the mistake of marketing your practice like a retail product.

Gold Medical Marketing offers NO COST MARKETING EVALUATIONS, wherein we will objectively evaluate your current marketing efforts. The goal of this is to highlight areas in need of improvement as well as areas where money is being wasted.  Contact us today to set up an evaluation.