Medical Marketing Monthly

3 People Who Shouldn’t Market Your Orthopedic Practice

Every week we speak with orthopedic and spine practices interested in finding out if we can improve their current marketing strategy.  As part of this conversation, we always inquire as to how they have marketed their practice in the past and the results they have...

4 Marketing Strategies Your Orthopedic or Spine Practice Should Already Be Using

With the rise in hospital acquisitions and practice mergers, independent orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery practices are beginning to see increased competition for patients in the area. In 2017, developing and executing a targeted Direct to Patient Marketing Strategy is more important than ever in order to maintain a viable practice.

What We Have in Common with Orthopedic, Spine and Neurosurgeons

You're not a "general physician" and we're not a "general marketing company".  At some point, you decided to specialize in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Spine or Neurosurgery - and so did we.   When we talk to a potential client we see that they have tried...

Where Do New Patients Come From?

Jen Smith is 52 years old, she has a Blue Cross PPO and she is sitting in your waiting room with a partial thickness rotator cuff tear.  So, how did she get there? Maybe the better question is, "why is she in YOUR waiting room and not another doctor's waiting room?"...

Orthopedic Urgent Care: What You Need to be Successful

Below is an interview with Daniel Goldberg regarding how to successfully implement an Orthopedic Urgent Care into your practice. Why does there seem to be a growth in orthopedic urgent care over the last 5 years? I think this growth is mostly the result of the success...

Why Your Website is Killing New Patient Volume

While some practices may be trying to utilize high ROI efforts like Social Media Marketing and Google Pay Per Click, one element that is often overlooked—and will certainly stifle your marketing ROI is your website. Not optimizing your website properly can have a direct correlation to a low marketing ROI.

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