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Medical Marketing Strategy

Marketing in Healthcare is Unique
Just as physicians have specialties – so do marketing firms.  At Gold Medical Marketing, our specialty is Orthopedic, Spine and Neurosurgery practice marketing and we have been recognized as the leaders in this field.  Too often practices make the mistake of hiring “local” or non-specialized martketing companies who do not understand the healthcare market and patient behaviors.  This inevitably leads to low ROI and countless missed opportunities to attract new patients.

Tailored Direct to Patient Marketing Strategies
Marketing a healthcare practice is not a “one-size fits all” strategy as each practice is unique. The first step in creating a custom practice marketing strategy is understanding your practice. At Gold Medical Marketing, we utilize all available data to determine who your patient market is and how best to reach them. This includes demographic research, psychographic research, identifying your strengths, weaknesses and your competitors. Without this information, it is impossible to create an engaging and effective strategy. This lack of research is also the biggest reason marketing fails and physicians become disenchanted with the idea of marketing their practice.

Gold Medical Marketing focuses on:

  • Market Strategy and Implementation
  • Demographic and Psychographic Research
  • Creating Demographic Specific Campaigns
  • Direct To Patient Programs
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Visibility
  • Analytics and ROI Reports
Pay-Per-Click (Adwords)

Google PPC can be one of the highest ROI initiatives a practice can engage in or it can be a significant drain on your marketing budget.  The difference is in the details.  At Gold Medical Marketing, our Digital Marketing team consists of Certified Google Partners and Adwords Specialists with years of experience in healthcare pay per click strategies.   We have spent many years refining and cultivating our advanced medical-specific methodology in an effort to put our clients directly in front of the patients that need them. Highly advanced testing, tracking and analysis is continuously performed to offer an incredibly high return on investment.

What distinguishes us is our knowledge of healthcare and the keywords and phrases that lead to new patient acquisition.  Too often practices bid on keywords that are more reflective of research than those that show a patient is looking for a specialist or treatment for a specific condition.

Gold Medical Marketing focuses on:

  • Condition and Treatment Specific Keywords
  • Transactional Search Phrases
  • Utilizing a Robust List of Negative Keywords
  • A/B Testing of Ad Copy
  • Unique Landing Pages
  • ROI Tracking for PPC Initiatives
Social Medial Marketing

Posting an update to your Facebook or Twitter once a week is not Social Media Marketing.  Practices must stop seeing social media as a place where people post pictures of food and their cat and start recognizing it as the second largest source of news in the world.

The most important element to effectively using social media to target new patients is engaging content.  This content can be blogs, videos or images but all of them must represent your practice.  Once this content is created, over 15,000 unique data points are available via Social Media Advertising (known as “Interest Targeting”).  These interests include, web browser history, location, income, behaviors, purchase behaviors, etc.

Gold Medical Marketing uses this data to target patients in need of orthopedic or spine care in your area and put your messaging in the most valuable place on social media – their News Feeds.  When executed correctly, these ads are shown to only those who exhibit the behaviors of a patient in need of orthopedic or spine care.  The result is an exponential increase in brand awareness and new patient volume.

Website Development

We have created numerous (extensive) web development projects. From powerful landing pages that convert potential patients into appointments, through highly layered interactive and mobile focused websites for larger institutions and healthcare providers. Contact us today for more information about our web design services.

Medical Public Relations

The Importance of Public Relations
Perception is everything in the medical world and Public Relations may be one of the most overlooked and underutilized resources for a practice.  This is predominantly a result of practices being inexperienced with Public Relations and deciding to forgo this medium altogether.   However, a properly implemented Public Relations program will allow your message to be seen by a large audience of potential patients very quickly.  Your practice may be accomplishing amazing things, but if your target audience is not aware of this, you are not maximizing these opportunities.

Gold Medical Marketing’s clients have been featured on local and national news outlets including, The Doctors Show, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC Sports Radio and countless other news outlets.

Generating Media Exposure
Practices that have tried to engage the media may have found that they are not getting a response or the media is not interested in their story.  Public Relations is all about knowing what producers, writers, editors and guest bookers want and establishing a relationship with them.  With over 10 years experience in Medical Public Relations, we know what the media wants and are able to create engaging and patient-focused stories that generate media exposure.  The sad reality is that there are far more “dont’s” than “do’s” when it comes to PR and if you are inexperienced with PR, it is best left to the professionals.

Gold Medical Marketing has utilized both local and national media to expose our clients to a massive new audience. Targeted press opportunities afford you the opportunity to expose your expertise and skills to a large audience and serve to position you as an expert in your field.   This expertise is what attracts patients and makes them confident in your clinical skills and expertise.

Gold Medical Marketing focuses on and generates:

  • TV Appearances
  • News Features
  • Patient Features
  • Magazine and Radio Interviews
  • Media Exposure
  • Content Contribution
  • Press Generating
  • Press Release Writing
  • Media Training
Search Engine Optimization

A recent study looking at all of the United States showed 82% of all Americans go online to find health information, including searches for medical specialists in their area.  Online health research has become an invaluable resource for patients in need of your services.  In many instances, online health research and open access insurance programs have replaced the role of the Primary Care Physician.

As a result, it is imperative that your practice shows up on the first page of Google when a patient is looking for treatment for a specific condition or looking for a specific type of healthcare provider.  Gold Medical Marketing’s creative use of organic SEO and advanced Google Pay Per Click strategies ensure your practice is visible to the right patients at the right time.

Gold Medical Marketing Focuses On:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Adwords Campaigns & Search Engine Rankings
  • Patient and Industry Specific Newsletters & Blogs
Targeted Brand Awareness

There is no denying the power and impact of video and Gold Medical Marketing specializes in creating unique and engaging videos for our clients.  Whether it be informative videos with physicians, patient testimonials or brand awareness videos our video projects have accumulated hundreds of thousands of unique views.  However, simply having video assets is not enough.  Your practice must deploy these videos through the right mediums and to the right audience so that they can become patient acquisition tools.

Gold Medical Marketings’s advanced knowledge of YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising, Social Media Video Advertising and Video Optimization ensures that your video is seen by the right audience at the right time.

Analytics / ROI Tracking

What is the point of having a marketing budget if you don’t know which initiatives are generating new patients and which are wasting money?  Too often, practices spend money scattering their marketing efforts but do not track ROI. This not only results in a disjointed message, but an inability to determine which efforts are effective and which are not.

At Gold Medical Marketing, we utilize the most sophisticated Analytics and ROI Tracking tools to determine the highest ROI initiatives. This includes keyword tracking, advanced phone tracking systems, unique landing pages and universal A/B testing to consistently optimize campaigns and increase your patient volumes.  Clients are presented with clear and understandable ROI metrics as well as detailed data about new patient consults.