Medical Marketing

Just as your patients want a physician they can trust – the same should be true for who you choose to build your practice. With other companies, marketing efforts are solely focused on one effort (Social Media, print, online, etc) and other opportunities are not properly identified. Creating a cohesive effort that utilizes all available opportunities ensures that your message is seen by a wider audience and creates an identifiable brand for your practice.

Tailored Strategies
When determining a marketing strategy we utilize all available data to determine who your market is and how best to reach them. This includes demographic research, psychographic research, identifying your strengths, weaknesses and who your competitors are. Without this information it is impossible to create an engaging and effective strategy. This lack of research is also the biggest reason marketing fails and physicians become disenchanted with the idea of marketing their practice.

Tracking ROI
The key to effective marketing is using only the most effective resources and benchmarking the results. Too often, practices spend money scattering their marketing efforts but do not track ROI. This not only results in a disjointed message but an inability to determine which efforts are effective and which are not. Much of this confusion stems from the misconception that marketing and advertising are the same thing. They are not.

Gold Medical Marketing focuses on:

  • Market Strategy and Implementation
  • Demographic and Psychographic Research
  • Creating Demographic Specific Campaigns
  • Custom Blog and Content Creation
  • Direct To Patient Programs
  • Using all available mediums to create branding
  • Increasing Your Visibility
  • Benchmarking and Analytic Reports

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