Medical Public Relations

The Importance of Public Relations
Perception is everything in the medical world and Public Relations may be one of the most overlooked and underutilized resources for a practice.  Public Relations under-utilization is predominantly a result of practices being inexperienced and deciding to forgo this medium altogether.   However, a properly implemented Public Relations program will allow your message to be seen by a large audience of potential patients very quickly.  Your practice may be accomplishing amazing things, but if your target audience is not aware of this, you are not maximizing these opportunities.

Generating Media Exposure
Practices that have tried to engage the media may have found that they are not getting a response or the media is not interested in their story.  Public Relations is all about knowing what producers, writers, editors and guest bookers want and establishing a relationship with them.  With over 10 years experience in Medical Public Relations, we know what the media wants and are able to create interesting and engaging pitches that generate media exposure.  The sad reality is that there are far more “dont’s” than “do’s” when it comes to PR and if you are inexperienced with PR, it is best left to the professionals.   Gold Medical Marketing has utilized both local and national media to expose our clients to a massive new audience. Targeted press opportunities afford you the opportunity to expose your expertise and skills to a large audience and serve to position you as an expert in your field.   This expertise is what attracts patients and makes them confident in your clinical skills and expertise.

Gold Medical Marketing focuses on and generates:

  • TV Appearances
  • News Features
  • Patient Features
  • Magazine and Radio Interviews
  • Media Exposure
  • Content Contribution
  • Press Generating
  • Press Release Writing
  • Community Involvement
  • Media Training

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