Recognitions & Lectures

Daniel Goldberg, VP of Business Development at HavePatients, has been invited to lecture on the topics of Medical Marketing and Public Relations at some of the most esteemed Orthopedic, Spine, Neurosurgery and ASC conferences both nationally and internationally.  Daniel is also a frequent contributor to various Orthopedic, Spine and Healthcare Industry publications.  Through these lectures and editorial contributions he continues to educate physicians and administrators on how to increase new patient volume.


Medical Conference Lectures

Featured Speaker March 2019

How to Grow Orthopedic Patient Volume in the Digital World

Featured Speaker 2017 Annual Conference

Topic: The Most Effective Orthopedic Marketing Strategies

Featured Speaker
November 2014

Topic: Increasing Orthopedic and Spine Case Volume in ASC’s

Featured Speaker
October 2018

Topic: How to Adapt Your Orthopedic Practice to the Digitally Savvy Patient

Featured Speaker
June 2015

Topic: Public Relations and Media Exposure for Orthopedics, Spine and ASC’s

Featured Speaker
October 2014

Topic: Increasing New Patient Volume with Effective Orthopedic Marketing and Public Relations

Featured Speaker
April 2018

Topic: The Most Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Orthopedic Patient Volume

Featured Speaker
April 2015

Topic: The Most Effective Marketing and Public Relations Strategies for Orthopedic and Spine Practices

Featured Speaker June 2013

Topic: Generating Patients Through Direct to Patient Marketing

Featured Speaker
April 2017

Topic: The Most Important Tools for Orthopedic Practices to Optimize Direct to Patient Marketing Efforts

Featured Speaker
June 2014

Topic: The Best Ideas for Marketing and Patient Development for Orthopedics, Spine and ASC’s

Featured Speaker June 2013

Topic: Best Marketing Initiatives for Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management Drives Practices

Articles, Interviews, Contributions

Featured Author: October 2018

Adapting Your Orthopedic Practice to the Digitally Savvy Patient

Feature Author: March 2017

6 Things You Need for a Successful Orthopaedic Urgent Care

Featured Author: Jan 2018

3 Digital Trends That Orthopedic and Spine Surgeons Should Know About in 2018

Featured Author: January 2017

How Targeting Your Practice Marketing Can Maximize ROI

Featured Author: May 2017

3 Orthopedic and Spine Practice Strategies That May No Longer Be Effective

Featured Author: December 2016

Marketing Tactics Your Practice Needs to Compete in 2017

Featured Author: March 2017

The Most Important Tools for Orthopaedic Practices to Optimize a Direct to Patient Digital Marketing

Featured Author: December 2016

Marketing Tactics Your Practice Needs to Compete in 2017

Feature Author: April 2016

Diversify and Protect Revenue Streams with Orthopedic Urgent Care

Featured Author: January 2015

Tips for Attracting New Patients to Your Orthopedic Practice

Feature Article: October 2015

Practices Focus On More Than Marketing to Secure Patients

Featured Author: January, 2014

Article: Write Down Your Failures, You Just Might Learn Something

Featured Author: January, 2014

Topic: 8 Tactics to Boost ASC Volume in Competitive Markets

Featured Author: November, 2013

3 Tips for Implementing a Cash Pay Model in Your ASC

Featured Author: November 2013

4 Tips for Surviving the Changing Healthcare Market

Feature Article: March 2013

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Webinars & Other

Featured Presenter: January 2017

The Next Revolution in Direct to Patient Marketing

Featured Presenter: July 2016

Cracking the Code: Tracking Your Marketing to Discover Hidden Revenue

Featured Presenter: February 2016

The Most Effective Practice Marketing Efforts for 2016

Featured Presenter: May 2014

The Gold Standard in Medical Marketing. Hosted by Joseph Simon and The Private Practice Business Academy.

Featured Presenter: March, 2014

Planning A Cash Pay Option for Your Practice. Hosted by Daniel Goldberg and The Free Market Health Group

Featured Presenter: February 2013

Topic: Marketing Your Surgeons and Ambulatory Surgery Center