Patient Focused Search Engine Optimization

There are no users, only people.

Content is the heart of SEO and search rankings. We spend much of our time understanding our audiences specific needs, and then developing strategy and content based on those understandings. We  provide outstanding results and quality engagement with our targeted audiences because we take the time to understand them and actually provide relevant and quality content. Unlike many SEO companies out there, we deliver a comprehensive strategy to our clients in a format this is understood by all parties. We explain step-by-step processes, actionable items, deliverables and return on investment criteria. There are many initiatives involved in comprehensive SEO. We pride ourselves in our ability to exceed our clients expectations while teaching them about the process.

Google Search Ads & Pay-Per-Click

When advertising to patients on Google, there are many expensive keywords. Some of these are important to big on, while others are not. From the start, we were focused on continuously researching and uncovering best practices for our clients. Many management companies simply bid on the most popular words. This can be extremely expensive and competitive. In our many years of experience in healthcare marketing, we have uncovered longer keyword phrases that are commonly used to search specific conditions and procedures. These search phrases are less expensive because they are less popular. At the same time, these phrases are very specific to the services of our clients. By focusing on our clients needs, we have in turn been able to develop many longer keyword phrases that have incredible return on investment.

Target Your Patients

Keywords, Location, Search History

A/B Tested Ads

Discovering ads that work for your audience

See Direct Retirns

Controled Cost, Increased Revenues

Track Goals & Analytics

Accomplish Goals, Discover Trends

One of the most misunderstood concepts of Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click, is that once the campaigns are set up, they require little work. This is simply not true! Adwords management requires ongoing improvements! We have weekly conversations between Google and our own staff of Certified Adwords Partners in order to continuously improve our campaigns.