Every week we speak with orthopedic and spine practices interested in finding out if we can improve their current marketing strategy.  As part of this conversation, we always inquire as to how they have marketed their practice in the past and the results they have seen.  After countless calls like this, we have come to realize that many practices are making the same mistake in deciding who should handle the marketing of their practice.  Below are three examples of who should NOT be marketing your orthopedic or spine practice.

The “Marketing” Company Down The Street

Finding a company to market your practice seems simple, right?  Google “marketing company” in your area and find a local marketing company with a nice website.  Big mistake.  Local and experienced are two very different things.  And don’t expect any local marketing company to turn you away or share their inexperience with Medical Marketing.  After all, they want to get paid, right?.

After seeing the marketing strategies of these local companies we have realized they have no idea how to market an orthopedic or spine practice and are making very basic mistakes at your expense.  And this is not a surprise.  If your only experience is marketing for stores, restaurants or small businesses – how could they possibly know the nuances of patient behavior, conditions, procedures and patient demographics.  You shouldn’t have to waste time and money so the company can learn how to do what you’ve hired them to do!

A simple review of a Google Adwords campaign often reveals some very glaring mistakes in terms of keywords, strategy, targeting and ads.  These mistakes cost you money.  In many cases, thousands of dollars per month.

Here is a simple test: Call your marketing company and ask them to tell you what Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is.  Ask them to explain an ACDF.  If they can’t, then you know you’ve made a mistake.  If they don’t know what these terms mean – how can they actually market your practice? 

The truth is that orthopedic and spine practice marketing is a very niche specialty that not just anyone can understand and many of the rules of product or retail marketing do not apply for your practice.

Your Practice Manager

A good Practice Manager (or similar position) is absolutely invaluable to your practice and is often one of the most undervalued positions.  They are often responsible for the oversight of almost all practice operations including scheduling, billing and collections, EMR implementation, HIPAA compliance, HR and countless other day to day operations.  Knowing all of their responsibilities – and then asking her/him to be in charge of a marketing campaign seems a bit unrealistic, right?  Marketing a practice is a full time job and your Practice Manager already has enough on their plate.

There is also a significant difference between asking your Practice Manager to update your Facebook page once a week and running an advanced and highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign.

With this said, good Practice Managers have been incredibly valuable to our marketing strategies.  They are the front line of the practice and can let us know what is going on in the practice that may have an impact on the marketing campaigns.

A Door to Door “Practice Marketing Rep”

Despite our own reservations about this form of marketing, many practices still employ someone to go door to door to physicians offices looking for new referral sources.  If your practice is employing one of these reps, this person should not be responsible for the advanced marketing strategy for your practice.  Going out and soliciting referrals is not the same skill set as running a digital marketing campaign.

Again, marketing a practice is a full time job. Finding the time to track ROI from digital marketing campaigns, monitor keywords, bids, ads, social posts, reviews and everything else entailed in effectively marketing your practice seems near impossible when she/he is spending 25+ hours per week in other physicians offices.

The Takeaway

Marketing costs money.  Mistakes cost more. Marketing your practice should produce a tangible increase of new patient volume – not a bottomless pit of wasted money.  While many practices feel “more comfortable” knowing their marketing company is right down the street – it ends up costing them more in the end.

Gold Medical Marketing prides itself on our ability to generate patients for our clients using the most effective Medical Marketing and Public Relations strategies. We use only the most advanced analytics and tracking to determine an ROI for your practice.

We are the only company in the country that specializes solely in Spine, Orthopedic, Neurosurgery and Multi-Specialty Practice marketing.  Our clients across the country have seen their practices grow using our unique and time tested strategies. Unlike other companies, we are exclusively in the medical field and do not make the mistake of marketing your practice like a retail product. Our CEO, Daniel Goldberg, has lectured extensively on the topic of Orthopedic and Spine Practice Marketing at some of the most esteemed medical conferences across the country.  

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