Gold Medical Marketing is led by Chief Executive Officer Daniel J. Goldberg. Daniel has 10+ years of focus on marketing healthcare practices, namely orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery.

Daniel Goldberg

Founder & CEO

Daniel Goldberg is widely regarded as a pioneer in Medical Marketing and Public Relations and was an integral part of the transition to Direct to Patient Marketing. Daniel’s unique knowledge of the business of healthcare and patient behaviors allow him to create marketing and public relations campaigns that reach specifically targeted audiences that maximize ROI. His ability to identify markets for potential patients allows GMM’s clients to penetrate new audiences and increase patient volume exponentially.  Daniel has also lectured both nationally and internationally on the topic of Medical Marketing at some of the most esteemed medical conferences.

Daniel founded Gold Medical Marketing in 2012 after serving as the Director of Marketing and Business Development in a private orthopedic / spine practice and ASC. In the process, GMM has grown to be one of the most successful medical marketing firms and represents medical practices across the country.


True Leaders.

Good leadership and innovation is recognized. Gold Medical Marketing has been asked to lecture at dozens of prestigious conferences to provide comprehensive keynote presentations on the field of marketing in the field of healthcare, namely Orthopedic, Spine & Neurosurgery.
A Team of Selected Individuals

A Team & A Family

Gold Medical Marketing has an incredible team of hardworking and dedicated people. We have created a fun, honest and most importantly thriving business where everyone has an important role. We have an in-house team of AdWords & Pay-Per-Click Experts, Graphic Designers, Medical Content Writers, Audio/Visual Specialists including Videographers, Photographers and Post-Production Editors, Creative Specialists, Social Media Managers and various other Marketing & Advertising professionals to ensure incredible outcomes for all clients.

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