Our Unique Approach

At Gold Medical Marketing, we specialize in Marketing and Public Relations for Specialty Physicians, Surgeons, ASC’s and Healthcare Related Fields.  We have developed a unique approach by offering extremely specific proposals based on an in-depth evaluation of your practices needs. We will never use blanket strategies for our clients like billboards or broad print advertising. This form of marketing has failed time and time again at the expense of your practice.  The modern consumer has become desensitized to these forms of marketing, rendering them ineffective.

Instead, we believe in connecting our clients with the primary demographics who seek their services. We accomplish this by using our proven method of Psychographic Marketing and Direct to Patient exposure.  This, coupled with exposure through our Public Relations strategies, yields an increased number of patients for your practice.

We implement four core principles to increase patient volume for your practice- Identification. Research.  Branding.  Positioning.
Each practice has unique and different needs that we take the time to understand before creating our strategy to increase patient volume and position your practice correctly inside your local community.