You’re not a “general physician” and we’re not a “general marketing company”.  At some point, you decided to specialize in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Spine or Neurosurgery – and so did we.  

When we talk to a potential client we see that they have tried other marketing strategies or companies with little success and (similar to you) we are often the end provider.  It is no doubt while seeing a patient you have thought, “you should have came in when you first started experiencing pain”.

Likewise, we often think, “you should have called us first”.  But as many patients bear pain for years before seeing you, many practices decide to bear the pain of low ROI marketing as finding a new company seems arduous.

Just like a rotator cuff tear causes mechanical issues – bad marketing strategies cause financial issues.  So how is our process similar to yours?

The Marketing History and Physical 

Usually our first interaction with a practice is similar to the H&P you would give to a new patient.



After the patient tells you about the previous doctors they have seen and treatments they have tried, you realize that you may have made some “different choices” than the prior physician .  We feel the same about many practices choice in who they’ve hired to market their practice prior to contacting us.  That patient may have seen the “local family doctor” and your practice may have chose the “local marketing company”.  At some point though, you both realized you needed to find a specialist.

The Marketing X-Ray or MRI

Sometimes more information is needed in addition to a history and perhaps a Lachman Test performed during the first visit.  In many cases, you will order a radiological study to find the ligament tear or pain generator.

We do something similar – but instead we X-Ray your marketing strategy.  We do this by evaluating your current marketing plan, budgets website, Google Adwords campaigns, Social Media ads, videos, reviews and ROI tracking methods.

Just like you would find the tear, we find the flaw in the marketing strategy and execution.  Now the question is – how to fix it?

The Marketing Treatment Plan

Your plan for the patient is always based on what is best for the patient based on their lifestyle, activity level and goals.  This could be PT, injections or surgery and any of these require the patient to be invested in the plan and follow the guidelines.

Just as the treatment plan isn’t the same for each patient, there is no “one size fits all” marketing plan.  We create a strategy that is best for that particular practice based on their location, size, competition, budget and goals.  Understanding that each practice is unique allows us to create a plan specifically tailored to that practice to ensure their success.

Who We Are

Gold Medical Marketing specialize in Spine, Orthopedic, Neurosurgery and Multi-Specialty Practice marketing.  We pride ourselves on our ability to generate new patient volume for our clients using the most effective Medical Marketing and Public Relations strategies. We use only the most advanced analytics and tracking to determine an ROI for your practice.

CEO Daniel Goldberg has lectured extensively on the topic of Orthopedic and Spine Practice Marketing at some of the most esteemed medical conferences across the country.

Our clients across the country have seen their practices grow using our unique and time tested strategies. Unlike other companies, we are exclusively in the medical field and do not make the mistake of marketing your practice like a retail product or local restaurant.  

Gold Medical Marketing also offers NO COST MARKETING AUDITS, wherein we will objectively evaluate your current marketing efforts. The goal of this is to highlight areas in need of improvement as well as areas where money is being spent on low ROI initiatives.  Contact us today to set up an evaluation.